The Christel DeHaan Family Foundation (CDFF) has joined a group of local organizations which collaboratively created a single application for use by all funding partners. More information about the collaboration and shared application can be found by reviewing the attached document:

Potential applicants are required to discuss their proposals with Foundation staff before preparing an application.  Once approved for grant submission, applicants will review and complete the attached forms as directed:

The Shared Arts Application Documents were updated on 2-6-17 with two additional budget pages to allow organizations to provide information regarding their upcoming, or projected fiscal year, if submitting a request for funds to be utilized in a projected fiscal year. For organizations who have already completed the 2017 shared arts application prior to these updates and who are requesting support for funds for a projected year, please submit the Projected Budget Addendum.

Please send any written correspondence or supplemental information to:

Melynne Klaus


Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Suite 1990

10 West Market Street 

Indianapolis, IN 46204-2973

Phone: 317-464-2038


You will be notified in writing about the determination of your request.

If a grant has been provided and a fiscal report form is requested, please complete the following report:

American Pianists Association's Aaron and Dee Dee Bridgewater
Phoenix Theatre Photo by: Zach Rosing