Potential applicants are required to discuss their proposals with Foundation staff before preparing an application.  Once approved for submission of a grant request, applicants will submit the appropriate forms or materials as directed.

In 2012, the Christel DeHaan Family Foundation (CDFF) was pleased to join a group of local organizations which collaboratively created a single application for use by all funding partners. After careful consideration, the collaborators determined to transition away from the Shared Arts Application form in 2019 after seven years of utilization.  With the continued growth of funder web-based application portals, a significant majority of grant requests and grant reports are now being received directly through the portals, resulting in the shared application form being no longer relevant.  The funders will continue to facilitate a collaborative model for application questions when possible; however, due to the continual technical evolution of the requests for support, the Shared Arts Application form is being retired.  Each individual funder will communicate their funding guidelines and parameters individually.

Potential applicants to the Christel DeHaan Family Foundation must discuss their potential proposals with staff.

Please send any written correspondence or supplemental information to:

Melynne Klaus


Christel DeHaan Family Foundation

Suite 1990

10 West Market Street 

Indianapolis, IN 46204-2973

Phone: 317-464-2038


You will be notified in writing about the determination of your request.

If a grant has been provided and a fiscal report form is requested, please complete the following report:

American Pianists Association's Aaron and Dee Dee Bridgewater
Phoenix Theatre Photo by: Zach Rosing